Company sincerely thank ROVIMEO interest as well as the enthusiastic support of our customers in recent years has direct sales and use of the products of our company.
Oriented development
Company ROVIMEO strive to become the leading company in the field of supply of raw materials for animal feed in Vietnam.
Therefore, right from the early days of its establishment, the company has oriented development ROVIMEO and meet the actual needs of the market and diversified livestock Vietnam Veterinary Medicine.
Field work
Nutritional field of companies ROVIMEO include: methionine, vitamin and digestive enzyme used for cattle, poultry and seafood to international standards is produced from the leading EU companies. Besides, our company also has products Organo-mineral supplements as Comwell, Goodfite and Ferroboy produced from More Standing Enterprise Co., Ltd, Taiwan.
The products distributed by the company were present ROVIMEO nationwide. Our company also has a team of veterinarians, livestock engineers have many years of experience, ready technical consulting and support customers with products of the best performance.
The motto of the company's business is ROVIMEO "Brand, Reputation and Quality". For customers, we are always eager to cooperate on the basis of mutual benefit.
With the motto "Brand, Reputation and Quality", ROVIMEO is proud to offer the best quality and most prestigious Vietnam.